Courthouse Accessibility

The Docent Council welcomes all Courthouse visitors on our tours. For information about wheelchair access at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, please see below.

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First Floor Accessible Route to Elevator

Accessible Entry and Routes

Both the Santa Barbara Street and Sunken Garden entrances have wide ramps for wheelchair access. On Court business days, the Santa Barbara Street entrance may be more convenient because the ramp leads directly into the screening area. It is usually less crowded. On weekends and Court holidays the Santa Barbara Street entrance is closed. The Sunken Garden Entrance is convenient on these days because screening is not required.

From either entrance, you can follow the wide hallways to the Figueroa elevator which provides access between the first and second floors.

To Mural Room and Tower

Turn right when exiting the Figueroa elevator on the second floor, and right again down the corridor to the tiled staircase wall at the end. (Enjoy the mountain view on your right en route.) Turn left, and on your left, you will see the wide entrance doors to the Mural Room. To the right of the Mural Room doors, there is an elevator that will take you to the Tower.

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To Hall of Records

There is an entry with a wheelchair accessible ramp on the right side of the Hall of Records. There is a paved pathway to this entrance, which connects to each of the paved pathways from Anacapa Street.