Entry and Security

The Courthouse is open from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday, and 10AM to 5PM weekends and holidays. Visitors are not admitted after 4:45PM. Allow extra time for security screening.

Map showing entry points


During business hours, two entrances to the main Courthouse are open to the public: Under the Great Arch (1) and Santa Barbara Street near Figueroa Street (2). The Great Arch entrance is the main one for tourists, and closest to the most popular Courthouse features: the tiled staircase, the Mural Room the Clock Room and the Tower. Go to up the three steps to the right of the screening area to get to the most popular features. The entrance to the Hall of Records, a separate building with additional interesting features, is located near the intersection of Anacapa and Anapamu Streets.

Security Screening

Visitors to the Courthouse on weekdays are subject to airport-style security screening. Click here for the Court's information on what is allowed through the screening process. When planning your visit, please allow extra time to pass through the screening area.

Access to Popular Courthouse Features

Upon passing security screening equipment, go up the three steps to your right. You will see the Information Booth, elevator, and sign indicating stairway directions to Tower and mural Room. Take the elevator or stairway.